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SecuGen Hamster Plus fingerprint reader Touch Registration: Hardware

USB fingerprint readers plug directly into your schools existing PCs or laptops - no disruptive wiring or installation required. The readers work by scanning the students fingerprint and recording its unique details, which are then converted into a digital code that is stored and matched on future scans.

USB Readers are only used to take the original fingerprints.  Network readers are used for daily operation.

The Touch Registration system has been developed to interface with Futronic FS80 USB fingerprint readers.


 Network Readers - ACS1000

Network readers are essentially units that are permanently fixed to the wall. They are controlled centrally on a server via your network and consequently do not interfere with the normal use of a classroom computer.

Once activated then can be left to run without further manual interaction.

The ACS1000 is a simple to install network reader that is exclusive to Allegro Computer Services.  It uses the same fingerprint module as the FS80 USB Reader and thus produces a matching fingerprint.

Network ReaderThe software that runs the ACS1000 units is run as an NT Service.



For further information please visit our FAQ section or contact us.