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Allegro Computer Services are based in Basingstoke, Hampshire and provide both home and Business users with the full range of computer services they need to make their computing experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

We serve Basingstoke, Reading, Slough, Newbury, Guildford ,Southampton and all areas between.

All of our computer services can be performed on site and evening and weekend appointments are also available.


Touch Registration

Biometric (Fingerprint) Registration System for schools & Colleges

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Disaster Recovery Consultancy

Companies are destroyed when a disaster occurs.  A fire for instance will destroy everything.  

Buildings and equipment are easy to replace and will be fully covered by the insurance.  Unfortunately, without your data, you are probably dead in the water - Literally.

We will visit your site and check your Disaster Recovery procedures and processes.

If you do not have any we will create & advise on what you need to do.

This service is applicable to home and business alike.

Hopefully a disaster will never occur but if it does, are you ready?


Virtualization Consultancy

Virtualization allows you to save money and operate far more efficiently.

Instead of having a physical machine for each server, you have a single machine with several virtual servers running on it.

Disaster recovery becomes simple, electricity bills are cut, storage space is freed up.

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General Computer Services
New Computers.
Advice on purchasing including Windows machines. Full "Out of the Box" installation of your new computer, printer and scanner.
Computer Problems Computer not working well, printer failing, internet failing or something else. We will visit you and sort the problem for you. Computer repairs.
Advise on suppliers. Installation & Set-Up of routers etc including wireless access
Disaster Recovery
Everything from backup systems to protect your valuable data, to a recovery service to get you up and running as soon as possible after a disaster.
Full system upgrades. Additional memory, larger hard drives, new scanners, printers etc
Security Protect yourself from virus attacks, hacking & Identity Theft. We will advise on best action and ensure that you are safe and secure.
Maintenance Contracts
Protect your computer and its equipment with our maintenance contract. Every part of your system can be covered to ensure that failures and problems are sorted rapidly, allowing you to continue computing with minimum disruption.


Business Specific Services
Many companies have an entire IT department to look after their computer needs. In many cases this is unnecessary. Allegro Computer Services are able to provide all the services of an IT Department, except that you only pay for them when you need them.
Remote Access Support
This is often the quickest method of getting a fix. We will securely access your systems and fix the problems without the need to attend your office. This saves you both time and money.
Analysis, Specification, Programming & Support. Do you need a bespoke software system for your business? We will design, write, install and support it for you
Networks / Office Systems
We will specify, install and maintain complete office systems. Looking after all the networks, servers, routers, computers, Internet services etc.

Our Innovative CAT-5e wiring system gives you full flexibility within your office to allow your staff to work to maximum efficiency.

If required we will install the CAT-5e network, purchase and install all servers, PC's, hubs, printers and routers.  Then maintain the network and all of its constituent parts.

Computer System Audits
We will audit your systems so that you know exactly what equipment/software you have, how many copies of the software you have so that you can ensure they are all licensed
We provide training on all sorts of computer issues


Over the years we have written various pieces of useful software. Most of these come about because we see a need or feel we can do a better job. All of this software is written by us. None of it is third party software.

Touch Registration

Biometric School Registration System

No more need to take the register by hand with all the potential problems and mistakes.  The students register with their fingerprints and all records are updated.  

It can be linked to SIMS & CMIS

Go To www.Touch-Registration.co.uk for more information.

Bespoke Software
Bespoke Software

Does your company need a piece of software for a particular purpose?

Is the software available on the market not suitable?

We will specify and write a package for you to your precise requirements.

Give us a ring. It may not cost as much as you think !!

Big Keys

Big Keys

Big Keys has been designed to make the use of the excellent Show Cue System easier.  It provides a screen of big buttons that can be clicked with a mouse or pressed on a touch screen.

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Backup Software

Backup Software

Our backup software allows you to automatically backup pre-defined files at the click of the mouse. The files can then be automatically copied to our remote server for safe keeping. This is a TRUE backup. Most of the systems on the market have a point at which if your computer fails, all files local & remote will be lost. We keep multiple copies so that this cannot happen.

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Who Are We?

Established and run by a computer professional with over 30 years experience in the computer industry.

Allegro Computer Services is a team of qualified and experienced IT Professionals in the Basingstoke / Reading / Hampshire area



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Whatever your problem, we can help.

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Computer services, allegro computer services, Basingstoke based computer support services, home user and business, serving as far a field as Reading, Slough, Newbury, Guildford ,Southampton, disaster recovery


Computer services, allegro computer services, Basingstoke based computer support services, home user and business, serving as far a field as Reading, Slough, Newbury, Guildford ,Southampton, disaster recovery